SUPA DISCO is a musical experience born out of a devotion to all things disco, dance, and good vibes. With their nomadic-galactic party concept, Ibiza-based duo DJ Carmena and DJ Solazz transport audiences to a realm where the fusion of sound and visuals transcends boundaries, generating a fully immersive sphere of pulsating positivity.

Fueled by the nostalgic rhythms of the 70’s and euphoric melodies of the 80’s, SUPA DISCO evokes legendary parties like Studio 54 and Soul Train, where collaborative connection and free expression reigned supreme.

SUPA DISCO has been setting the scene ablaze ever since their explosive 2016 debut at the legendary Malanga Café Ibiza, a cultural hot spot of creativity and gastronomy, frequented by acclaimed artists like Javi Frias, Señor Lobo, DJ Makala, and Juan Soul. 

On mainland Spain, SUPA DISCO has left an indelible mark on dance floors from exclusive venues like Barcelona’s Discotizer, Terrases del Mar in Mataro, Madrid’s Marula Café and El Sotano, to BE Club in Donostia, and Be Water in Cabrera. The party has followed them to Ibiza's premiere culture-clubs such as Eden, Cala Bassa Beach Club, Malanga Café, Keeper, and Lola’s Club.

This dynamic DJ-duo has shared their magic at multiple festivals, including numerous appearances at the Crüilla Festival and closing the DJ stage at the internationally renowned Jazzaldia Festival in 2018.

SUPA DISCO is hosted and curated by Barcelona natives Carmona and Solazz. Their decades of experience in music production and promotion in Ibiza has equipped them to spread their mission of “Get your groove on”, as Kool and the Gang would say. Furthermore, at each presentation of a SUPA DISCO experience, souvenirs are given to the audience as mementos to treasure the memory of the event. 


Born and bred in Barcelona, Oscar Albaladejo (aka DJ Solazz) is a master of many musical crafts, wearing the hats of talented musician, DJ, and producer. His expertise as a soundtrack editor and electronic music producer takes the party experience to a new level when he joins forces with his partner in crime, DJ Carmona, as the unstoppable SUPA DISCO duo.

During the late 90s to the early 2000s, Oscar was the driving beat behind renowned theater company La Vuelta Teatro de Barcelona, overseeing general musical production and curating captivating live performances at festivals such as Festival Internacional de Teatro de Sitges, Festival Mira Toulouse, and venues such as "Sala Conservas," Espai Brossa, Sala Triángulo, and El Matadero in Madrid.

From 2003 to 2005, Oscar Albaladejo had audiences moving and vibing while holding a resident DJ spot at Clap in Mataró. Barcelona's nightlife scene has felt his impact too, with killer sets at Club Lasal and other prominent clubs.

In 2006, Oscar Albaladejo made a significant move to Ibiza, where he embarked on an epic collaboration as a DJ with notable radio stations such as Ibiza Sónica and Ibiza Global Radio. There, he hosted the famed "Funkadelia" (produced by Jose Maria Ramon) and lit-up audiences with live performances alongside Miko and The Band, the former guitarist of the iconic Prince.

Oscar has created the groundbreaking SUPA DISCO party with DJ Carmona, which is committed to celebrating and embodying house, disco, and funk rhythms of the 70s, 80s, and 90s. As resident DJs at the legendary Malanga Café in Ibiza, SUPA DISCO is constantly discovering new ways to elevate the art of house music to new heights and redefining the concept of a "Fiesta" in unforgettable ways.

As a producer He made his debut on Night Shift Records label with a spectacular four-song EP titled 'Highlife Disco' and making also a Remix for The Black Seeds, now he brings his particular Nudisco style to labels like Discodown, Hot Gorilla Records, Robotical Grooves, Sundries, Two Pizza's label and Hot Digits records.


Salvador Carmona, aka Carmona, is the ultimate sound hunter, always on the lookout for danceable vibes that mix Latin flavors with electronic beats to create sonic masterpieces that hit you right in the feels.

While there are too many venues and parties to count, Carmona was notably a resident DJ at the legendary Lasal beach bar in Barcelona, where he owned the summer scene for a solid two decades alongside a lineup of top-notch DJs, including the 90s electronic duo Planitia. 

In his nomadic musical exploration, Carmona has found legends such as SeñorLobo, Makala, Jazzcat, and Herbert as inspirations, with a significant devotion to Lavoe. As a true collaborator, he counts a whole crew of fellow artists and friends as important influences. 

Carmona's DJ sets are meticulously crafted magic, using emotion as a guide to finding the perfect song and vibe, along with tapping into his sixth sense for reading the crowd and delivering a singular and unforgettable experience.

Teaming up with DJ Solazz, Carmona shares an unbreakable passion for house, disco, funk, and all things dance. Together, they've birthed the epic Fino y Gordo label, curated the legendary SUPA DISCO collective, and continue to make cultural impacts at their permanent residency at Café Malanga in Ibiza.