real names: Oscar Albaladejo & Salvador Carmona

location: Barcelona & Ibiza



DJ since: 2016

category: Disco, Funk, House 


set: 2 - 4 hours


SUPA DISCO is a musical experience born out of a devotion to all things disco, dance, and good vibes. With their nomadic-galactic party concept, Ibiza-based duo Carmona and Solazz transport audiences to a realm where the fusion of sound and visuals transcends boundaries, generating a fully immersive sphere of pulsating positivity.

Fueled by the nostalgic rhythms of the 70’s and euphoric melodies of the 80’s, SUPA DISCO evokes legendary parties like Studio 54 and Soul Train, where collaborative connection and free expression reigned supreme.

SUPA DISCO is an interactive cultural event that blurs the lines between music, dance, and visual art, where the audience is the main character, and the setting is a dimension of pure euphoria. 

While the sounds are those of funk, soul, boogie, breaks, house and of course disco, the real dialogue happening between DJ booth and dance floor resonates the language of an undeniable synergy. 

SUPA DISCO has been setting the scene ablaze ever since their explosive 2016 debut at the legendary Malanga Café Ibiza, a cultural hot spot of creativity and gastronomy, frequented by acclaimed artists like Javi Frias, Sr Lobo, DJ Makala, and Juan Soul. 

On mainland Spain, SUPA DISCO has left an indelible mark on dance floors from exclusive venues like Barcelona’s Discotizer, Terrases del Mar in Mataro, Madrid’s Marula Café and El Sotano, to BE Club in Donostia, and Be Water in Cabrera. The party has followed them to Ibiza's premiere culture-clubs such as Eden, Cala Bassa Beach Club, Malanga Café, Keeper, and Lola’s Club.

This dynamic DJ-duo has shared their magic at multiple festivals, including numerous appearances at the Crüilla Festival and closing the DJ stage at the internationally renowned Jazzaldia Festival in 2018.